Welcome to our Buy It Now Fundraiser!! 

We have had some amazing donors for this event!!! Big Thank You to all of them!! But, due to Covid-19, we've had to switch from a concert/silent auction model to a "Buy It Now" event. Everything purchased on this page will go directly to funding the new album!!! We hope you will find something below that you love and will purchase in support!! Since we are unable to do a silent auction all items have been marked up a little bit to compensate the potential loss. If you do not find something you adore, there is a Donation section at the bottom of the page!! We hope you like what you see and we can not wait to get all the new music we have out to you as soon as we can!! Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!!

Some items are local pick up only!

Use Promo Code - LocalPickUp - if you'd prefer to avoid shipping and pick up. 

Pick up dates & locations : 
Silverdale - Tessio - 9/29 - 4pm - 7pm*
Pick up dates & locations : 
Port Orchard - Whiskey Gulch - 10/1 - 4pm - 7pm*

Pick Up in person for a chance to win a 2 hour private party performance!!

*If these times & locations do not work for you, please let us know and we will make other arrangements for you. 

Fundraiser Goal is $5000 - Raised So Far - $5241.15

Use Promo Code - Donation

for all Cash Donation items

Use Promo Code - Donation

for all Cash Donation items

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